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Ferguson police department vandalized

Ferguson Police Department Sign Vandalized
Protesters vandalize the Ferguson Police Department sign during a night of protesting on the 6th anniversary of the shooting of Michael Brown. Photo: Steve Pellegrino


Every August 9th, the Ferguson Police Department is barricaded. August 9th, the anniversary of the Michael Brown shooting, is a stressful day in Ferguson. Every year, protests happen in Ferguson. Some years they are relatively peaceful. Other years they are violent. Last night was violent.

Protesters hit officers with bottles, metal screws, and wooden sticks. They further vandalized the Ferguson police department. The police department has boards on the windows from the George Floyd protests in June.

“Property damage was also committed by members of the crowd, by ripping off letters from a building signpost, spray painting the signpost, and spray painting the roadway and the police parking lot,” Police Chief Jason Armstrong said in a release.

Ferguson’s Uncertain Future

It’s incidents like this that prevent Ferguson from moving forward. Residents don’t feel secure living in the community. Furthermore, people from outside of the city do not want to patronize businesses.

The town is dying. Businesses are closing, and few new ones are moving in. Long-time residents are leaving. Property ownership is only about 50%, while the rest is rentals. In the six years since the Michael Brown shooting, there have been over 30 murders in Ferguson. That number is out of line for a community of about 20,000 people.

The violence, protests, and vandalism are the new Ferguson. Ferguson is in line with Watts and Selma as a civil rights city, but a town people are avoiding.

Protesters vandalize the sidewalk in front of the Ferguson Police station.
Protesters vandalize a sidewalk on South Florissant Road in Ferguson, Missouri. Photo: Steve Pellegrino
Protesters vandalize a Ferguson sidewalk in front of the police station.
Graffiti on the sidewalk in front of the Ferguson Police Department. Photo: Steve Pellegrino 
A Black Lives Matter protest sign
A discarded Black Lives Matter sign found in the bushes near the Ferguson Police Department. Photo: Steve Pellegrino

Ferguson police department vandalized