3 Excellent Resources to Generate Your Next Photo Assignment

If there isn’t an obvious breaking story to photograph, where can you turn to generate ideas to get started on your next project? Here are three sources I turn to on a daily basis.

  1. The Local Media
    You should be monitoring your local media sources every day. That includes watching the local morning news, looking at the local daily newspaper, and following all local media on your social media account.

    Everyone from protest, rally, and community event organizers to politicians will notify the media of what they’re doing. As a freelancer, you’re not going to get that notification. There will not be a story every day, but it’s worth the time to monitor the local news scene.
  2. Social Media
    Personally, I don’t post too much on social media. For me, it’s another resource to find out what is happening, not only in the community but in the country. Who should you be following? I follow:
  • Local news outlets – this includes reporters
  • Politicians – on both sides
  • Local Activists
  • Activist organizations
  • Weather alerts

That’s a good start. Once you find the stories you want to shoot, you will find more people and organizations to follow.

3. Google Trends Newsletter
This is an overlooked resource that can not only help you find new stories to shoot but give you a heads-up on what people around the country are searching for. When you see what is trending and you’ve photographed similar stories in the past, this is a good time to make adjustments to your searchable archive and promote your photos.

You can find Google Trends on Twitter: https://twitter.com/googletrends and you can subscribe to them here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScv9kE1CgAkvKyLbw6RMQYmGbveedVjQWE8qJ9UjztgzDdw1A/viewform

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